Oscars nominated Gasland under attack from powerful US lobby groups!

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Independent documentary Gasland has come under fire from influential energy lobby groups just weeks ahead of the Oscars ceremony; Josh Fox’s low-budget, independent road documentary is a grass-roots expose on the practices of natural gas exploration in the US and the dangerous Halliburton extraction technique called hydraulic fracturing or “fracking”. With a camera and his banjo in tow, Fox’s cross-country journey uncovered dirty deals, dead and dying live stock, sick families, contaminated water and taps on fire. With a moratorium on fracking in Josh’s home stated of New York the gas companies are scared. In a letter to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the head of Energy in Depth a shady PR and lobby group funded by the large energy companies urged a re-consideration of nomination of Gasland, exerpts of this can be found at Salon.com.

In response to this outrageous manoeuvre, Josh Fox has written a letter of response which we are proud to publish for you here.

Not just restricted to the USA, there have already been exploration bore holes drilled in the UK, released in the UK by Dogwoof and the Co-operative Gasland is available to buy on DVD 14 March.